Re: Where to Obtain ODTBC/Southeast/Kathy!!!

Saucier Kathy

Susie just asked me to post this contact info. I've just sent email to Jerral and Robin but not to Kevin. But I encourage Sandra and anyone in TX who was using TC feeds or ODTB cubes that TC was working the market for to contact these same people.
Squeaky wheels get the grease!
Send all of them an email and let them know how much you need their products!
Kathy Saucier
Carrollton, TX
January 2005

Jerral Seale, TX rep for TC jseale@... and phone 903-360-5810

Robin Staloch, TC rstalock@... and phone 1-800-451-9916

Kevin Secor, Evergreen Mills, Ft Worth
Evergreen Mills
5150 Blue Mound Road
Fort Worth, TX 76106
Phone: 817-624-7183
Toll Free: 800-460-1929
FAX: 817-624-7281
Plant Manager: Kevin Secor kevin_secor@...

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