Re: Fw: Evergreen Mills in TX

Saucier Kathy

ODTB stands for Ontario Dehy Timothy Balance cubes. is the link to their website explaining this feed cube. It was formulated with Dr. Kellon to fit the dietary needs of an Insulin Resistant horse where the sugar/starch numbers are guaranteed below our maximum recommended % and minerals are balanced.

They can be used as the whole diet of as part. I believe you need to add Vit E if I'm not mistaken. Otherwise it is complete. Someone correct me if I left something out.
This is a safe food, no more hay soaking or beet pulp rinsing. It is costly to go whole diet but saves a lot of work. But can be used as a sub for part of their hay, soaked and used to hide medications or as a complete diet.

If you go into our EC website files, there is a current analysis in pdf form at

If you do a search in the messages, you'll probably get more come up than you can read in a month. I just did a quick search and it came up with 1678 messages.

Where in Oklahoma are you? The Evergreen Mill that is making the Triple Crown feeds (Lite, Low Starch, etc. that many here use) and distributes the ODTB cubes is located in El Reno, OK. So if your local feedstore that gets feeds from Evergreen doesn't have them, they can get them. If they have never heard of them, you may have to educate them a little or speak to Jerral about getting the info to that feedstore.
Hope that answers your questions.
And if I misstated any of the additives like the Vit E, someone will speak up and correct me.
Kathy Saucier
Carrollton, TX
January 2005

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