Got 2 of 3 test results back...

Ginger Reid

I will have to figure out how to post on the place to list all this...but it's been 3 weeks and I only have 2 of the 3 blood tests back from Texas A & M! Man...has never taken this long before!
What I have so far is

Glucose - 105 (vet said this is in normal range of 75-117)
Insulin - not back yet
ACTH - 52

My vet says that she def. needs higher dosage of pergolide...has been on 1 mg. for 3.5 yrs. now...he wants to up to 1.5 mg...this is not the original vet who ran original tests and prescribed the original dosage...

Would like some feedback on these numbers I have so far...

I buy my hay from 3-4 different sources and they have numerous pastures they cut getting the hay analysed is very hard and expensive to do...I am feeding Purina Wellsolve L/S as her base feed and add in Max-E-Glo and (2) lg. scoops of Remission per day (was only 1 but I doubled it) and also add in veg. oil as she continues to stay just slightly ribby...she started showing a crest in her neck again after many years of not looking symptomatic...but then I knew we needed to get new bloodwork done...I would also think she has fat pockets about her eyes as with her age, they should be sunken in quite a bit? Coat is fine - she gets wooley in winter but always sheds out normally..

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