Re: Got 2 of 3 test results back...

Linda <PapBallou@...>

Glucose - 105 (vet said this is in normal range of 75-117)
Insulin - not back yet
ACTH - 52
Hi Ginger -

Yes, the PPID is not controlled. It is possible she is in the fall rise, or the PPID is slowly progressing. Either way, upping the dose is appropriate. I suspect the insulin will be slightly elevated when you get that back.

and also add in veg. oil as she continues to stay just slightly ribby...
This is dangerous. Oil/fat in any form other than the essential fatty acids in your flax is *foreign* to the horses diet, and induces or worsens IR. See this post from Dr Kellon:


There are many other studies in the archives but search simply doesn't search effectively at the moment.

To increase her weight, give her more safe feed. What about beet pulp? Are you soaking her hay since you can't test? Try to give her free choice of the hay and see if you can't get weight on her that way. As a bit of an older horse, she might not have enough protein in the diet as well. BP will help and whey protein at 30 grams/day. And, getting the PPID better controlled with help as well.

Does she have muscle loss/wasting as well?

Looking forward to seeing the insulin results.

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