Re: Got 2 of 3 test results back...

Linda <PapBallou@...>

Hi Ginger -

Just take one of your capsules and *unscrew* it, and put half the contents on the cookie or whatever you use to get the pergolide in and then put the capsule back together. I store my *cannibalized capsule* in a bead container until I need it. So she doesn't get lethargic, just start the first few days with 0.25mg increase and then go up to the 0.5mg. If you have APF on hand, use that, too.

I didn't realize Max-e-glo had RB in it! Thought it was just flax. Great to know!

And you can get the BP with the molasses and just rinse the heck out of it and it will be OK to feed.

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