Re: Got 2 of 3 test results back...

Saucier Kathy

Hi Ginger!
I know you from one of our other groups as well. Remember me.
Although I lost Magic over a year ago I still try to read the EC group digests and saw you on here.
I know that getting plain beet pulp is a bit far. I think the closest you can get is in Temple.
You've gotten good advice from everyone but I wanted to add about keeping that Pergolide dose up (& ACTH testing in the normal range).
One thing I failed to do was ever get our dosage up enough to get relief of symptoms and bring the ACTH into normal range. I was always behind the power curve. I don't know what normal range is from testing at A&M but sounds like it is above normal from other responses. Each time I tried to increase our dose, Magic would go off feed (the veil). I finally did start the APF and sure wish I had done this a whole year sooner.
So I wanted to encourage you to keep up with increasing the dose as needed and go with the APF. It isn't cheap but it helps if the dose gets to a point that Cassie gets lethargic or stops eating. We were somewhere around 3.5-4.0 mg Pergolide a day near the end.
Good luck.

Kathy Saucier
Up in North Texas
January 2005

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