Re: Stress Levels and Reactivity

Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Yes, those are good things to consider. In Domino's case, though, he never
was lethargic at all and pergolide hasn't changed his basic activity level.
His signs of Cushing's were hair coat irregularities, slow healing and
laminitis. I think every Cushingoid horse is a bit different. I know lots
end up drinking/peeing excessively, but mine has never done this. Maybe this
is one reason why Cushing's goes undiagnosed so often...the symptoms can
vary. It is good that we talk about all types of manifestations of Cushings sure helps educate me about the broad effects of the disease. The
more I learn, the better armed I am at detecting/treating. I also like to
pass along information to other horse owners so they can pay attention to
suspicious symptoms. Kay in AK

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