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Hi all

Just in case I need some Jiaogulan for my Cushings horse in the future I've been looking at sources in NZ but am a bit confused by dosage rates etc. Hoping someone can help please. This is one source I've found:

60 Vegetarian Capsules Jiaogulan leaf extract (600mg capsules)
90% Gypenosides
NZ$ 29.50

30 grams Jiaogulan leaf extract powder 90% Gypenosides NZ$ 14.40

One of the articles in the files states as below re dosage - sorry I copied the body of the file but not the link. It was one of Dr Kellons excellent documents:

Table 3. Dosage determination steps
I. Low end human dose = 20 mg of actual gypenosides. To convert to equine (500 to 550 kg) on a metabolic bodyweight basis, multiply x 5 = 100 mg of actual gypenosidesII. For whole herb, assume lower end gypenoside concentration for untested herb = 5% gypenosides. For target dose of 100 mg, divide by 0.05 = 2000 mgIII. When using a standardized human product, whole herb or extract, use the known concentration to determine dose; e.g. For a human product containing 20 mg total gypenosides per tablet or capsule, 100 mg divided by 20 mg./capsule = 5 capsulesIV. When using an herb for the first time in a horse, it is generally advisable to start with lower then predicted doses and increase gradually to determine response.

So my question is the source I have found states 90& gypenosides so how much would I need to feed of the powdered form?

Alternatively perhaps someone in NZ is already using J-herb and can point me in the right direction.

Many thanks
New Zealand 2008

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