Re: Stress Levels and Reactivity

Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

You made another good point, Ann...I'm sure horsey friendship (and the human
variety) lower stress levels. I bought my Icelandic gelding last Fall so my
Cushingoid horse would have a companion (and I'd have a horse to ride,
naturally.) They became instant friends, like you said of your Prince and
Strider. Kay in AK

This sounds somewhat like Strider. It is indeed very helpful to hear others'
experiences since we feel like we have so much to learn. I think one very
positive thing has been her relationship with our other horse. They became
instant friends since both were lonely before -- Prince was by himself and
Strider was too "stove up" to keep up with her pasture mates at the lesson
stable. I'm thinking that friendship has to help, too!

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