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My Cushings horse had this about 5 years ago. My wonderful vet had never seen anything as bad (he was covered in dime sized lumps) and told me to get in touch with a herbalist here in NZ since he didn't want to give steroids because we suspected Cushings even way back then. They sold me a herbal cleansing tonic, omega oil complex and a chamomile extract. The lumps cleared up in 2 days and he'd had them for weeks - it was quite miraculous. Don't know if any of the ingredients would be contra-indicated with a full blown Cushings horse but they included:

Equi-Tox Tonic - a concentrated blend of organically grown herbal extracts in organic cider vinegar formulated to improve the body's ability to fully utilize food and to assist in purifying the whole system. Ingredients include ashwagandha, yarrow , nettle, , calendula It assists in flushing uric acid from the system. Hepatic herbs help improve metabolism of food. Assists in balancing pH, suitable for joint and skin conditions.

Chamomile Calm From organically grown Matricaria recutita flowers Mildly sedating particularly suitable for the digestive system. Suitable for use with Omega Oil Complex for minor skin conditions

Omega Complex Oil
Consists of a balanced blend of Omega 3, 9 and 6 oils, plant based anti oxidants, tocopherol oil and oil-soluble vitamin C. Fats (Lipids ) are vital for all growth processes, renewal of cells, brain and nerve function, sensory organs and metabolism of food. Energy sources are based on lipid metabolism. Formulated to balance the prostaglandins E1 and E3 against E2 Particularly suited to minor skin conditions. Helps with the exchange of nutrients and wastes through the cell wall

This is direct from the company's website here in NZ but didn't want to post name for fear of being accused of soliciting!

Worked for us anyway. Best of luck!
New Zealand 2008

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Have you tried putting a sheet or blanket on her?

Amberlee in BC

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