Re: EC and IR Group Tenth Anniversary - History and new...

Saucier Kathy

I wanted to also say thank you to all of you that put this wonderful website together. This will make a huge difference in people's (& their horses') lives.
I have referred so many people to our Yahoo group but doubt if any have actually ever joined. This website is a different story though. More likely to get horse owners and vets to check out the information. Then if they need help maybe they will be more likely to join the help on the Yahoo group.
The information is easy to find & well organized - thanks!
Thank you - thank you- thank you!! I can't say it enough.
Kathy Saucier
January 2005
Magic who went over the Rainbow Bridge, 7/08
But I stay in touch & pass the EC group along to as many as I can when friends refer them to me!

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