Re: Stress Levels and Reactivity


About three three months ago I thought I was going to lose my cushingoid mare. We moved to a new barn that had a big indoor arena which I needed for training and she had to be seperated from her pals in another barn. She still saw her three buddies every day but was no longer stalled next door. The barn owner wouldn't move her because she wanted the larger stalls for big horses only and this mare is a pony (and my larger horses wouldn't fit in the stalls in the pony barn). At any rate she went into a deep depression, was extremely lethargic, and appeared to have lost the will to live. I agonized and thought this was the begining of the end and considered putting her down. Well as luck would have it one of my other horses had a problem also so I moved them back to the old place. She imediately recovered and is back to her spunky, sassy self. Evidently that stress was just enough to send her over the edge.


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