Re: low starch/sugar feed

Saucier Kathy

Hi from a fellow Texan in the DFW area.
Ditto to Susan's response. Check out the 3a Safe Feeds file & look under TX.
The ODTB cubes are your easiest route. To find a Triple Crown dealer, if you don't know of one, check with the contacts under TX - Jerral Seale or the contact to find one. They may even know what feedstore is closest to you that carries them. The TC Lite is a choice to feed for getting supplements and medications fed, also.
And if you go the route of beet pulp to feed safe calories and carry supplements, check the contact on that same file called Jupe Mills/Wendland's in Temple TX. Last I knew, they still carried the molasses free plain beet pulp.
Kathy Saucier
Jan 2005
Carrollton, TX
(& in memory of Magic who inspired me to combine the TX people to campaign for the ODTB cubes be brought to TX)

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