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I think Mandy mentioned me in a previous message.
Because I'm not only concerned with sugar/starch levels but protein & iron levels as well, when I'm testing a bunch of hay stacks this is how I do it. I run an Equi-tech (601)for $26 to get a more complete picture of the hay. Once I pick the stacks I want & get them home I then run a 603 Trainer for more accuracy to balance the minerals.
To save money I've just run a sugar & starch initially & then bought the hay with the nice low s/s only to find out later that the protein was sky high (which gives my IR Morgan some problems & is not good for my donkeys either) or that the NDF was so high that palatability was a big issue or that the iron or manganese was really high & difficult to balance.
But that's just me.
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Thanks, I read thru that set of messages. I'm still tending toward doing the 601 so I can afford to test all 3 hays. Maybe I'll do the 603 on next year's harvest of either 1st or 2nd, whichever tests ........

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