Re: Stress Levels and Reactivity

Susan Laflamme <f4mlatir@...>

When Darby was very sick with laminitis she also got depressed. I had
never seen her lose her will to live it was scarey....Darby has always been
an alpha mare but she much prefers people over other horses. My husband and
I would go out to the barn to soak her feet, it took a long time because
she was very reluctant to take a foot off the ground ....once we had both
front feet in the small feed tubs I would rub her coronary bands and my
husband would scratch her whithers.....I could see her attitude change with
all this extra human attention.
She always has enjoyed being read to and such things.
At 09:43 AM 5/24/00 -0800, you wrote:
Hi Paula....that was a most interesting story of your depressed pony mare.
People get depressed when lonely, so I don't doubt that horses do also. I
am glad the two horses found each other and are doing well. It warms my
heart to hear of such happy endings and to know people like you are really
listening to their horses. Kay in AK

Failed tests, classes skipped, forgotten locker combinations.
Remember the good 'ol days

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