Excel spreadsheet question

Carlynne Allbee

Or go to the top of the sheet and on the line between that column and the next one, if you put the cursor there, you will see it change to a symbol that is a vertical line with a line on either side.  Press on the mouse and drag the column dividing line over a bit to widen it.
I love Excel.
Carlynne Allbee
march 07

Posted by: "ovsanna66" mbtrustee_brewer@...   ovsanna66
Sun Jan 24, 2010 2:47 pm (PST)

you are not doing anything wrong, it just means that the column isn't wide enough for the amount of numbers you have in it. You need to make the column wider.

Right click on the column that shows the ###, click on column width, then set it to a higher number (a number will be displayed.)


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