Re: Omeprazole??

Saucier Kathy

Yes Martha, you can get Omeprazole from pharmacies like Thriving Pets/Ian Hudgings.
phone # is(303) 333-1899
And email is
I got mine from him a couple years ago. It comes in a powder form and the dose for my horse was 1 teaspoon (varies by their weight). Your vet has to fax or phone in the prescription. But you will get it very quickly after that. Oh and fax # is 303-379-6390 (from an email to him last fall although the website shows the fax # to be 303-733-3999 so contact him first to be sure)
Several on here have gone that route with their IR & C's horses.
Kathy Saucier
January 2005
Carrollton, TX

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Hello -
3. Is there any reason why the same amount of drug couldn't be given in pill or capsule form, and would it be just as effective?
4. If so, is there a source of omeprazole you can recommend (like the pharmacies from whom we order Pergolide, etc)?

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