Re: Lump on Belly, scabs all over - Rayya / Arab mare

Nancy C

Hi Missy


I remember when you went through this and it was during the seasonal rise correct? You had just had an ACTH taken which you were questioning the validity of. It was about 45 or so (lab values 9-35) in August as I recall. I don't remember if you had a new blood draw?

I'm guessing, your Horsetech mix has some 2-3 ounces of flax in it per serving. You can call them to check if you haven't already. I don't have it in our correspondence. (I balanced Abby's hay.) That would be more than enough Omega 3's so you don't even need the chia.

If Abby's ACTH was in fact up (did you ever increase the pergolide?) and continued to rise, that could very well account for skin issues and other hormonal related issues she may have had.

When members have been actually able to pin down the flax as an issue (isolated from other factors like ACTH or yeast or trim or unbalanced diet or other diagnosis) a very, very few have reported allergic reactions mostly in the form of stomach upset. Dr Kellon and Kathleen will have more info but I suggest these archived messages for review:

Flax/estrogen #133548, #28591

Yeast #133548

I know this is a big topic for at least one other trimming list. So far there has been no evidence that the dots in the line of thinking have been connected correctly. Too many confounding elements were also part of the picture of the mares reported as having issues.

I know you mean well. The concern Missy, is that other things that can do a lot of damage to a horse are being over looked as a result.

Nancy C in NH
February 2003

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Mares seem to
be more prone to flax sensitivity than geldings. Just something to

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