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Nancy C

Dear list -- Sending myself a BIG DING for not changing the subject line when the thread changes! Apologies to all.

Hi Alexis

What Dr Kellon has said is the reaction to the yeast is stomach upset.

How long have you been using the Omega Horseshine? Sounds like you just bought it?
If they have been going along okay with it, I'd keep breathing. Lots of folks use the product.

For folks using fresh ground flax -- the amount flax we use does not throw a balanced diet out of whack. So if you are testing your hay, adding what is missing in the correct amounts and ratios, and you decide to use fresh ground flax vs the HT NutraFlax you won't through everything out of whack.

Yes?? :-)

Nancy C in NH
February 2003

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What types of problems?

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