cellulitis rt hind and rt front in IR mare - not critical - Dr. Kellon and group


Hi all,
I thought I was done with this, but apparently not.
Around Dec 1st I stopped feeding everything but hay - found this group - and am in the process of obtaining all I need to balance my hay. I was feeding beet pulp, Poly zinc (the correct amount by luck), poly copper - not enough, MSM, ground flax - not stableized and a detox called Vivo Animals that contains dia. earth and zeolite (read the posts on both). The occasional flares of cellulitis in the rt hind and to a lesser degree the rt front went away.

I went back on beet pulp early Jan - rinsing, soaking, rinsing - whole flax I am grinding daily, using Target IR (which she likes)while waiting for all else to arrive. Last week after two days of bad weather and no exercise sessions, she was not happy circling to the right...happy to move(walk, trot, canter), just not to the right. The next day I could detect the cellulitis. Stopped everything but hay again. We just took a long walk in hand that day and she continues to improve. Yesterday we played at liberty, happy to move though still not as happy to the rt - cellulitis is gone.

What could be going on here? Can beet pulp possibly be the problem? If so, what can I substitute safely as a medium for her minerals? A weather front passed through about then - not sure if that would be a factor. No indication she was in season (and it is hard for me to tell with her), but she was definitely grumpy with this flare up.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and insight!


MT 12/09

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