Re: Lump on Belly, scabs all over - Rayya / Arab mare

Missy Libby

Thanks, Nancy. That's why I said "just something to consider" and not be
taken as a silver bullet. I didn't want this to be one of those "other
things" that wasn't given consideration. Sometimes it's something
apparently minute that makes a difference. I'd never heard of Chia til
our swelling mystery appeared (Sept 09). It was a safe option for us to
explore before dismantling Abby's diet, and whether coincidentally, or
not, gave us desired results. I requested the minimal amount of flax (2
oz/day) for my Horsetech supp. All I can say, is so far, so good for us.

Missy and Abby in Maine
Nov 2008

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I know this is a big topic for at least one other trimming list. So far
there has been no evidence that the dots in the line of thinking have
been connected correctly. Too many confounding elements were also part
of the picture of the mares reported as having issues.

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