Re: Chantilly

ejm <ejmico@...>

Karen wrote:
I am back. I have been without a computer for two weeks. Bad virus.
Tilly is doing well. We just put in the fifth application of
maggots. They are still eating away at bad stuff in her feet. I am
hoping this will be the last. I will be checking tomorrow afternoon
to see if they are still working. We have decided not to do the
prefusion for now. Maybe later, but the maggots seem to be really
helping her.
Hi Karen, I have had a virus also....boy are they ever a royal pain. I think I'm okay now but the computer guru is coming again Monday to check us out for sure.

I am so glad to hear that Tilly is doing well. I have been wondering about the two of you but couldn't use the computer to find out how things were going. Your message gave me a big sigh of relief. I am so happy for you both.

June 2004
New Mexico

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