APF and PQ


I am wondering if the use of APF and PhytoQuench together is OK. A little history: 16 year old pony with laminitis in Oct. Diagnosed with PPID and IR at that time. Put on pergolide and thryroid-L. Diet changed to Ontario Dehy Balance Cubes with salt, flax, and Vit. E. Used a muzzle for turn-out. Trimmed properly. Pony did well through Nov. and Dec. Then about 9 days ago, started to look very sore again.
Vet re-did blood work and took xrays. Blood work revealed ATCH is fine, but the IR is still not good. Vet has upped the Thryroid-L. She is on 1 gram of bute. Started APF 4 days ago and she is starting to show improvement. Will be weaning her off the bute and am wondering if I can add PQ if needed after getting her off the Bute. Soft-Ride boots should arrive Monday.Thank you for your help. Any other suggestions are more than welcome. This group has been wonderful.

Anne T., Barkhamsted, CT
October 2009

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