Re: Lump on Belly, scabs all over - Rayya / Arab mare

Nancy C

Hi JoAnne

We need to move this to ECHorsekeeping if Rayya is not IR or PPID. Just want to add that info on the Onochera that Rick mentions in his post is in one of the Merck links I sent. Not sure that they are weather oriented but will go look for more info for you. Oddly there was a ton of discussion on ECHorsekeeping (then ECPhotos) list last year that explains what to do for these.

Only one gelding here was plagued with them last spring and summer. My other boy was not.

Here's the link again


The midline swelling and weeping goo that you describe was very much a symptom. Using spirulina and chondroitin worked for him with out the need for steriods

Background info on spirulina here


Nancy C in NH
February 2003

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