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My vet thinks that she is better without cushings medication(bc of side
effects) She always tells me that she is pretty good looking for her age
and that like old people her skin is going to sag a little and she'll
lose her muscle tone.. any suggestions would be appreciated here.

Hi Sandy,

Regarding your vet and concerns about the side effects of pergolide - we
have many members who have been treating their Cushings horses with
pergolide for a number of years and the horses are doing very well. Yes,
there can be side effects but the most common ones are actually easily
controlled. Here is a document from the files called "Pergolide 101"
ings%20Disease%20Treatments/Pergolide%20101.doc> that I would
recommend you read - and perhaps print out for your vet to read also.

Let me know if you have problems with the link.

Barb in western CO
(with Sierra, Libby, Josie the donkey and Lola)
June 2005
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