Re: Boots suitable for riding

Sarah <s.w.lloyd@...>

I needed a pair of hoof boots, for my Thoroughbred who was being treated for a severe clubbed hoof (without the traditional use of shoes). I opted for Boa Boots by Easy Care Inc. Great boots; have stayed on walk/trot/canter, as well as for dressage and jumping. I like them because they have a good grip on grass and even on the road, where I do a large part of my schooling. They are quite resonably priced as well!

- Sarah

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I've used Easycare Epics for years and never had a problem with twisting or coming off. I haven't had success with Renegades. For some reason the pair I have twist on Lady's feet.

Kelly & Lady
Oregon 11/08

Hi- I am looking for a pair of boots suitable for riding. I used to have a pair of old macs which did a good job but they did come off if we went faster than a trot.

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