ASB IR- test/ update

pam bond-Simmons

Removed rice bran and trying to feed BP and 1C.Triple Crown Lo Starch added 2x a day because she absolutely hates BP. Very picky eater.Free choice grass hay. Hay Analysis not back yet. Monday had sand colic vet used bio sponge,bismuth,banamine. Some blood work back: Glucose 120 (high?) Elevated liver enzymes, normal white blood count, insulin back Friday. Refuses to eat psyllium in feed with nurtients. Can't get ODTB until next Tuesday.Can get ODT orange label. Can I use this? Still has laminitis(why sand stall and run) put styrofoam blocks over shoes Monday also,helped pain. Also giving bismuth per vet since sand colic. Testing shows sand in manure, fixed matted feeding area in stall.She seems content but laminitis still big issue(started 12/16).Vet wants to keep her on isoxsuprine, previcox, thyroid L.

February 2010

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