New website link on the brochure

Saucier Kathy

I was checking out the brochure that is under the "6 EC Education" file "Recognizing & Treating Equine Cushing's" that we can print and give to people and couldn't find that the new website was on there. Could that be added to this file so we can point someone to this website as well as our Yahoo group?
I have new vets and want to hand them this next time I see them. Although I no longer have a C's horse I stay on the group to keep up to date. When I hear a vet is recommending tests we don't recommend or anyone using terms that aren't entirely correct, I try to educate them kindly. This brochure is a great tool.

If I missed it and the website is already on there, just let me know where I missed it.
Kathy S.

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