nose infection


My horse has been on pergolide for 7 years and doing well. 14 months ago, he developed a fast-growing infection on his nose in and around right nostril. With SMZs and antiobiotic/anti-fungal shampoo, it went away. Last month it returned. After 10 days of SMZs and shampooing, it looked ok, but 2 weeks later, it has reappeared and I'm on the SMZs and shampooing again. Does anyone have similar infections on their horse on the face. It almost seems like a fungus because the skin gets darker, but since the antibiotics clear it up, I assume it is bacterial. I'm going to go 14 days this time with the medication. I am 7 days into it, and there is still a dime-sized sore. If I leave it, it will spread quickly. His insulin level is still not normal----in the 70s. He is on 1 3/4 mg./day. I'll try posting a picture of his initial infection on the Photos page here.

Judy and Dandy

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