Gizmo update: poor lab results, new x-rays/pictures

Dawn <dlgiroux@...>

Hi All,

Gizmo has had a tough Fall/Winter. He began to falter in the Fall-sore, not wanting to go out) I increased his Pergolide, (from 2-2.5mg/day) but it did not seem to help. I got help from a new farrier and he dramatically changed his feet in Nov-that looked like it was going to help...but he has spent most of the Winter in his stall, too sore to go out on the hard ground. Boots did not help. I have had new blood-work done, even though I knew it was early in the season. The results were not good.

I don't know that there is much else I can try, but thought I'd ask for thoughts anyway.

Here are the links: (updated history) (new pics and x-rays) (old history)

Any thoughts are appreciated-thank you,

Dawn and Gizzmo in RI

Nov '08

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