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can anyone recommend a supplement that contains a mix of the beneficial and crucial vitamins/minerals/amino acids/yeast/nitrous oxide,etc.,that is critical in possibly warding off future episodes.
Hi -

Actually, no! The best supplement program for ANY horse is knowing what is missing or excess in your hay and then balancing to that. There might be a supplement on the market that comes close, but it's not likely, and you won't know until you test your hay.

Additionally, commercial supplements focus on the trace minerals since they are a little more predictable than the majors, which usually are not included except in small amounts. There are a few that are for *IR* type horses that will be appropriately generous in magnesium and chromium.

I have not heard of a supplement that adds a nitric oxide enhancing source. Jiaogulan and AAKG are what many horses on this list are on, but they need to be feed on an empty doubtful you will find them in a supplement.

So the answer to warding off future events is to know exactly what you are dealing with by lab work (glucose and insulin for IR, and ACTH for cushings if appropriate by age), feed a low sugar/starch forage based diet with minerals balanced to it; good hoof form, and exercise!

Where are you located? There are a couple of products that have been formulated with specific regions in mind based on known typical excesses and deficits.

Do you want to tell us a bit about the horse in question?

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