Re: Cur-OST - green tea and tumeric??


Hi Heather,
I would add to Linda's response and tell you I tried it, in addition to a balanced diet of ODTB cubes, vit E, salt and flax (for my IR mare). First, it is very expensive, and second, I did not notice any discernible difference between with and without it. It is supposed to work within a week or two and I used it for a month. I was giving it as an anti-inflammatory to give my mare some pain-relief from laminitis so I could get her off of bute. Whether or not it works for arthritis, as it was originally designed for, I cannot tell you since I cannot afford to give it to my arthritic gelding on a long-term basis. It was an experiment and I suppose if it had worked I would have found a way to pay for it.

Sharon & Rosie
Caledon, ON
Jan 2010

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Has anybody heard of, or use, Cur-OST for arthritis/laminitis/lameness??

I'm curious about this product, and interested to hear about whether or not people will supplement green tea and/or tumeric either as this product or individually?

Any thoughts/experiences?

Oct 2009

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