Re: platinum performance metabolic support?// ONE more question.


HI Lorna
I've used APF for several years for my headshakers, Ellie is one of those too!! :)
I use APF for any stressful situations that I find my horses needing help dealing with. Like when I bought my young andalusian gelding and he was started in training in FL. I sent a bottle to trainer to use while he was in training. Also he had to be transported from FL. to MI and had the transporter use it then. Ellie came from CA and I had the transporter use it while she was in transport to MI>
I use it for training as well.
But if I am home, I use the powdered ones, easier as I feed them at night given daily and then they are ready for training or whatever we are doing at the time.
I have used several of these chinese herbs mostly for my headshakers but now I use them in times of stress. Candy 2010/1 U.P. of Michigan

What did you notice ,as a result of putting her on the herbs,Candy??

Lorna in Ontario

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