Re: platinum performance metabolic support?// APF alternative

Laura Matthews <lauratmatt@...>

Just an FYI. I buy the first three ingredients--Eleutherococcus
senticosus, Rhodiola rosea, Schizandra chinensis--in powdered form (1 pound
size each)from

Anyone see a problem with this method or the ingredients?
Cost prohibitive is an understatement! I'd love to know if the bulk solution
is a good one too.

Just to clarify. I was very interested in the APF formula and had taken
Rhodiola rosea for myself over the years during times of stress, etc. It
always gave me an extra "something" to keep going so I knew that the APF for
horses would be of some benefit--except the cost kept me from ordering any.
As I ordered my J-herb, I researched the ingredients on herbalcom as well as
other sites to ensure there were no ill effects on horses. The recommended
dosages for each of the 3 herbs I buy is roughly 1-2 heaping tablespoons.
Actually, it is virtually impossible to OD a horse or human on any adaptogen
as long as it is used responsibly. Your body uses what it needs and
eliminates the rest. As far as the results I have seen, well, I am very
pleased. And it didn't take weeks to see the difference. It was only a FEW

Until I started feeding my concoction, Boo had responded well to the
emergency diet and he improved just on the basis of a tightened up diet
change. However, we were in the midst of a very cold winter, especially for
this region of the country, and he began to rapidly lose weight, and was
downright lethargic. He was only receiving J-herb at this point, so no bute
or banamine was in his system to provide pain relief. As I started him on
this herb mixture, his countenance was noticeably brighter; he went from
being very inward with his pain, to having his head up and interested in
life again. The muscle tone in his rump had deteriorated from months of
inactivity and pain. SInce starting him on this stuff, his weight has come
back without changing/increasing his diet and he now has something in his
system to help ward off the ill effects of IR/laminitis. Pain will wear
anyone out, and I believe these herbs will help with the coping mechanism to
rebuild what disease destroys.

Sorry to ramble, but I post so seldom. Hopefully others out there that don't
have a money orchard in their back yard will be able to glean something of
value. Hey, if it works for you, it will be worth it! Good luck!

Laura and Boo Boo Magoo
NC 1/2010

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