Re: 2nd request - Amino Acid Chelates vs. Poly's


No, that's not what I'm saying. The quote is about a study in horses, and you might want to look at these two previous posts.

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Thanks again for revisiting this with me. It has been a while since my original question posted! You're direction was very helpful.

Please, correct me again if I'm off course. This is what I gather from the posts: Studies have shown absorption of mineral from chelates is greater in several species than absorption from other mineral forms. There is an industry assumption this carries over to equines. However, studies have not been performed in equines to prove or deny that assumption. What we do know, from studies, is the absorption rate in equines from mineral salts is generally 70%.(70% is from Dr. Kellon's post)

I continue to be amazed by what has not been studied in equines! I thought I didn't know things because I was not well informed. It appears, in addition to that, there are answers to many questions science has yet to reveal.

Thanks again!

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