Beet Pulp Price Reduction?(gasp)

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I started buying BP pellets about 15 years ago in Canada. They always had molasses and I just fed it instead of grain back then. The price crept up and up over the year from $5 a 55# (25 kg) to now just under $12. This is about 35 miles away in Manitoba.

Stateside here in North Dakota I have to travel 90+ miles to get plain. Fed it for about 4-5 years but quit that supplier when it went from $9.95, 12.95 to $16.95 for a 40# bag of shreds. The excuse about 21 months ago was the price of fuel. Well guess what - it went up when diesel was $4 a gallon - but never dropped dime the last nearly 2 years when the price of fuel dropped!

I switched back to my Canadian supplier - almost half the price, 1/3 the distance to drive and I don't care if it is pellets with molasses - I soak and rinse anyhow. I have tested it and it will run 9-12% sugar WITH the molasses and I have tested PLAIN shred to have 12-18%.

If plain could guarantee me 5% or less sugar I might spend more - but not when the sugar levels are so variable.

I might have to make a few phone calls this week and inquire if prices have changed. I only feed a couple pounds a day so it lasts me quite awhile.

in slow to melt ND

I've been paying around $12.00 for a bag around here. Used be $5 when I first started buying it 8 years ago. And, for the life of me, couldn't find a bag of plain until a month ago and now it's all the feed store carries as well. It does look the same to me, but doesn't take as much rinsing, IMO.


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