Chantilly-Distal Limb Perfusion

Karen <karen@...>

We have an appointment for the procedure next Monday even though the Head Vet says I am wasting my money. A couple other vets that also work with Tilly have said they think it is worth a shot so I am going with them. I know it will not kill the infection on her bone.
The vet says the second the procedure is done and the tourniquet is released the bacteria will start flowing into her feet again. That is depressing. He suggested keeping her toes open so she has an opening for the fluid that develops to get out. The only thing I hate about this is she will always have to have her feet wrapped and protected and in boots, but we have been doing this for years so ok we will continue .
I had a thought last night while trying to sleep. Would there be an advantage to giving her a high dose or a long term dose of antibiotic to help clear the bacteria in her blood. Someone suggested using Trimethoprim Sulfa. Any thoughts are welcome.
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