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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

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Here's a post that addresses what is said in the NRC:
Studies that have compared the absorption of chelates to inorganic minerals have found no differences in adult horses. This is most likely because horses have efficient absorption of minerals from their large bowel as well as the small bowel. The poly minerals are inorganics (sulfates) wrapped with a polysaccharide coating. They are liberated close to the intestinal lining by digestion of their coating. This helps protect minerals like copper which are poorly soluble in the small intestine. I prefer Poly Zn for people mixing their own minerals because it's easier to measure accurately, but otherwise use zinc sulfate.

In addition to cost considerations, chelates are not distributed evenly throughout the body. They end up in higher concentrations in tissues that have high levels of whichever amino acid they are chelated to. Also, one big reason for balancing in the first place is to give all minerals a chance for absorption that is in proportion to their required levels. If you use chelated minerals, that effect is lost.

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