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We have an appointment for the procedure next Monday even though the Head Vet says I am wasting my money. A couple other vets that also work with Tilly have said they think it is worth a shot so I am going with them. I know it will not kill the infection on her bone.
The vet says the second the procedure is done and the tourniquet is released the bacteria will start flowing into her feet again. That is depressing.
That's good news! RLP *can* kill bone infections too. The reason the tourniquet is kept on for 30 minutes is to keep the tissue pressure high, forcing the antibiotic even into areas with poor blood supply, like dead bone. There will also be residual effect, much longer than with oral or intravenous antibiotics.

Do you know if they will just use an antibiotic, or are they combining it with 20% DMSO?

Would there be an advantage to giving her a high dose or a long term dose of antibiotic to help clear the bacteria in her blood.

RLP is usually combined with systemic antibiotics. She shouldn't have any bacteria in her blood though. Bacteria won't gain access to the tissues again either, as long as they are healthy. The maggots are an important part of her treatment, getting rid of the dead tissue. RLP then blasts any remaining infection. You can also use something like cow mastitis antibiotics on packing for open areas until they fill in.

The fact it has been going on so long is the worst aspect here - but the only way to know if you can stop it is to try!

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