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Cindy McGinley

"jgpigger" <forpets@...> wrote:

<< If its not DSLD and just a pulled tendon, then I will damage the tendon more by letting her move about. Kind of a catch 22 in my opinion. When she had this flare up before, my vet said it wasn't DSLD and that she's seen lots of it. >>

I hope it's a pulled tendon, for you and your horse's sake.

While how you treat your own horse is certainly your choice, if it was my horse, I would get a definitive diagnosis immediately so I would know how to proceed from here. And in regard to your vet saying she's seen lots of DSLD, I have a little story for you: the last vet that Alf saw (number 5) for his issues actually had her personal riding horse put down a year before because of DSLD, and yet she did not recognize it for what it was. After I took him for ultrasounds and they showed positive DSLD, I told her, and she was surprised and amazed that she didn't recognize it in him. All DSLD horses present differently.

For what it's worth.

- Cindy and Alf (with entourage) in NY
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May 2006

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