Re: hay test


HI Cindy

While how you treat your own horse is certainly your choice, if it was
my horse, I would get a definitive diagnosis immediately so I would know how to proceed from here.

Yes I plan on doing that, but its Sunday, and the only vet we have up here comes to this area periodically and the other vet has an old ultrasound machine that he doesn't think will give clear enough pictures.
You make it sound like I am not giving a hoot about my horse, well your wrong, Ellie is my love and I am not going to listen to people on the interenet who try to tell everyone what they should do or not do with their horses. To be honest its people with your attitude that turned my off to this group.
You should re-read what you right. I know you feel strongly about DSLD but nothing can be done until I can get a vet here,and I already paid her 400.00 for a farm call that resulted in her diagnoises of founder. Pretty costly farm call, wouldn't you say? I can't afford to have her run to me with those kinds of charges, heaven knows I wouldn't have any money left for Ellies treatments if there were any, get my point? Thanks for your brief but sharp opinion. candy 2010/1 U.P. of Michigan

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