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Yesterday was an incredibly frustrating day for both of us. Fury paced back and forth along the fence in the almost dry lot that I have him enclosed in and called to me everytime he saw me. His persistance was almost more than I could bear.
Hi Stephanie,

You know what crosses my mind when I read the above? If you've ever had a horse down or barely able to walk - there is nothing so delightful as watching them move around and get an attitude just because they feel good. :)

Like the time I was walking Josie the donkey around the yard and she decided to drag me around until she got loose. She then proceeded to run around the yard and got my older mare who was out in the yard involved. I caught my breath when they ran across the concrete apron in front of the garage but no one was injured. And when it was all done, I was delighted that the donkey felt good enough to be that naughty!

Watching a horse with laminitis walk is definitely not the essence of a free spirit. What you are doing for Fury now will likely prevent him from ever being in that scenario.

Barb in western CO (with Sierra, Libby, Josie the donkey and Lola)
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