Mineral - no way hose'!!

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Good evening!

I was hoping to get a little help.

I am experimenting on how to get the horses to eat/except their minerals and so far failing...

They love the no molasses beet pulp/flax seed/Vit E mix, but as soon as I added the minerals they need, no go! I also tried adding some soaked hay cubes to the mix and still turned up noses!

I tried the low side feed pans, lowering the amount to just get them started. The next step that I am trying tomorrow is putting them into some kind of treats I made up. But, I don't want to always have to feed it to them that way if not necessary, but I am hoping this will make it less strange to them for the first few days/weeks. Then I will switch back to just tossing it into their beet pulp.

I also was wondering thinking about trying some peppermint, chamomile or fengreek, but don't know what would be safe amounts or if just making it into a tea will be safe amounts. I figure the tea could be used to soak into the beet pulp or hay cubes with the minerals mixed in?

Anyone have the same problem?

Jen K
Felton, PA
Teddy - Cushings

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