Re: WAS: Abscess?Ellie/ NOW: Getting them to eat

Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi Candy,

Is Ellie in her own paddock or stall when she eats her low s/s hay? I may be a bit confused following the thread, but isn't she being fed hay that is different than your other horses?

I remember Ellie's hoof photos being posted on BFHC earlier this month and I believe someone did a mark up for you. Do you have more recent photos (after the mark up suggestions) that you could post on EC Hoof? Or, same photos to post on EC Hoof?

IME, it took awhile to find the right carrier for my four horses' supplements. Horse Tech has a variety of flavorings for their flax and I asked for a few samples (1# bags) which they sent me for free. My guys seem to prefer peppermint. Not sure if you are using a custom supplement (i.e. Horsetech) or if you are putting the supplements together yourself. I am happy to offer suggestions for carriers based on my experience. Let me know how I can help.



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