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Hay doesn't stand up in a way that would poke up through the hole in the muzzle like grass does... so my question is... Can a horse figure out how to eat hay through a muzzle?

It's difficult to restrict hay intake with a horse who is top notch in a herd of 5. The hay is not free fed, but she makes sure she gets her fair share!

(yes, hay is tested, 8% NSC)

Oct 2009

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Hi Jane,
IF you have a horse that is diagnosed IR by bloodwork you would be wise to just feed it a known low esc/s feed like tested hay or r/s/r bp. Unless you have total control over your horse by turning it out early in the am for a few hours, bringing it in for his meals and then working the animal for an appropriate amount of time (exercise) you will not know how much sugar is consumed.

Horses learn pretty fast how to get grass through the muzzle hole. My Morgan foundered in a muzzle during a drought on 5 hours of pasture. He was extremely sensitive. I was extremely stupid. Hind site is 20/20.

My new horse is turned out on a track for 3 hours in the morning, no muzzle (yet). She comes in to a stall to eat hay and finish her custom mix. Then its to the drylot with more hay. I feed her 4 times a day. A closed muzzle allows the horse to be out in the field with his friends (if they dont demuzzle him) and to move at liberty - for a few hours. A horse can drink through a muzzle.

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