Re: Abscess?Ellie/was:hay test

Linda Peccie

Hi, Candy--Here is some random thoughts re this recent thread

Ellie's trouble started in December, if I remember correctly, and your trims
are at least pretty good if not very good (I'm no judge of that). If she
had laminitis/founder back then, three months is not unreasonable for
abscesses to form--her attempt to get rid of damaged tissue. Abscesses are
ungodly painful (don't ask me how I know!) and that could be why she isn't
really interested in eating anything but hay. If she was on bute for a
while she may have developed some tummy discomfort and many horses prefer
hay when their tummies hurt. Tried aloe or other ulcer-soother? If that
muscle group Lorna mentioned is very stiff and sore, poll to shoulder, there
may also be pain in the TMJ making it hard for her to chew on one side. I
believe horses move their mouthful from side to side but her "meal" may be
enough different in texture from her hay that it needs to be chewed
differently. If anything inside her mouth is sore the salt may be
irritating. One dose of bute makes my oldest horse go off feed for a week.

Where on her foot is she biting? My horses chew on the coronary band when
their abscess will break out there. They also bite or lick at the
fetlock/leg swelling. My soaking routine if they swell up starts with
cold-hosing the leg (aquamessage?) and then hot water w/apple cider vinegar
to cover the coronary band, for 30 minutes or so as many times a day as I
can manage--usually four. Did you say Ellie picks her foot up kind of funny
and then sets it down way out in front of her? That sounds like toe pain,
not wanting to break over at the toe or put pressure on it which is
transmitted to the coronary band -->pain. And she doesn't
want you messing with that foot, like where, around the coronary band or
underneath, on the sole/frog? Can you feel (gently) a slight bulge at the
hairline yet? If the leg swelling is starting to localize to one side, this
may give you a clue about where a breakout will occur. Definitely don't let
anybody dig around looking for an abscess; it often causes more trouble than
the abscess itself. My girls prefer to soak in a high-sided rubber feed
tub--soaking boots bother coronary band abscesses. We haven't found hoof
testers to be particularly helpful.

Any auto parts store should have those laser thermometers.

I'm certainly not discounting the possibility of tendon/ligament trouble or
anything else for that matter. It's just that I've had way more abscesses
than other lameness issues. They are damned distressing but good for
bonding--horse gets to eat or be groomed/loved-on while standing in the
soaking tub and she comes to know you are working hard to help her!

Linda in NC-2002

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