Re: Abscess?Ellie/was:hay test



Your post this morning has made more sense than any of the others, not that some were not trying to help, but the well thought out way you've written this note is greatly understood, and appreciated. Thank you.

Now for the new an wonderful edveloping news!! I do think its an abscess. My farrier came yesterday and I had her look at her. She immediately said an abcess. But you whats weird, is way back in Dec. when she foundered, I never thought founder, I thought abcess. So I think you stumbled on the founder issue via the abcess, (which neither vet suggested).
I soaked yesterday 2 times, and this morning although Ellie is laying down, I got a good look at her foot where she's been biting and trying to show me. There is a slit around the cornet band area right where I kept looking but seeing nothing. I am just waiting for her to get up so I can soak her this morning.
I am now going to wait until this thing opens up to do her bodywork so I can get her rebalanced without interference of the abcess. YAHOO!!!
If only the one vet that said Ellie had WNV, hadn't put me on bute for so long it probably would have been over and done with. Although the other vet that did the xrays told me to do the same. Oh, well what's done is done and now hopefully, my Miss Ellie will be going good soon, I feel like all has not been lost, I was beginning to doubt it all. Thank you again, and thanks to everyone offering bits of ideas and help, it IS truely appreciated. I have to go see if Ellie's is up and ready to face another day. :) Take care, candy and Ellie 2010/1 U.P. of Michigan

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