Re: Abscess?Ellie/was:hay test

Lorna <briars@...>

I am just waiting for her to get up so I can soak her this morning.
Candy,if you want/need to soak her when she's down(rather than miss a soak)it's doable.I used to make a little mound under the leg,in the knee area, so that the foot hung down from that raised leg,rather than lying flat on the ground.Or if you are on soft bedding you can dig a hole so that the foot can be in that lower spot.Then just put an old IV bag or plastic bag of some kind on the foot and pour in your solution,tying the bag securley around the leg.If it is awkward to lower the foot,just soak a towel with your warm solution and put it in the bag,then insert foot.Works well,too.
If neither of these methods works for you,you can even soak the towel and wrap it around her coronary band,if that's where the abscess is going to exit,then cover with plastic bag.

Lorna in Ontario

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