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Hi Karen,

Hopefully you'll quickly find a solution to your question for Danny.

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pasture46514 wrote:

Hi all - been a while since I've been here but have been reading the
files for info on yucca (bad) and devils claw (good). Danny was having
a tooth problem that was causing him enough pain that he could hardly
eat so I gave him 2 gm. bute AM&PM until the vet could fix the
problem. (about 1 week.) What a difference I saw in him! Although he
had no other obvious signs, it made me realize he must've been having
pain somewhere else because he trotted around the pasture like nobodys
business. Was going to use BL Solution until I read about the yucca.
I've tried Claire's samples in the past but Mr. Picky Pants won't eat
them so if anyone could offer other suggestions for long term pain
relief I'd sure appreciate them. (he's 20, arthritic,cushings,IR.)


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