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Howdy! Kathy, we have to meet sometime. I emailed Mandy a thanks.

He seems better today when he came walking up was not walking as splayed and stiffly. He still isn't his normal self yet. Let him out of corral past midnight last night after 2 measured meals of soaked Bermuda. He likes to lay down on a sloped hill where saw them both again this morning before dawn resting. They are currently eating more soaked hay together, as figure might as well soak more and let them both have it. Probably put him back in corral again to keep off grass during rest of day into evening, then let him back out again in evening to morning.

Read last night that Bermuda is a C4 grass, think that means warm temp grass. It doesn't have fructan, but instead has starch. Soaking in hot water is best to leach out the starch, so will make sure to take that into account. A study soaking with only cold water for 60 minutes didn't make much difference in the sugars, but did lower potassium for Bermuda. Bermuda is a lower glycemic index hay compared to many others, so that's on my side.

I have a cooler with wheels that found is perfect to stuff in about 8 pounds of dry hay, so can bring back and forth into the house to add the hot water from sink for soaking. Should make the soaking process not bad to do. Think the extra moisture would be good for them vs the dry hay. The soaked Bermuda almost looks like grass again. My only concern is if they don't finish that any left out could go bad, so gotta watch that.

We'll hopefully get everything sorted out. Saddles, what they should eat and new tires for our trailer too.

Now how many months does it take for a horse to lose the weight, assuming on a better calorie balance? I can't figure this out for people or my one overweight cat, so not sure how to figure for horse either.

Meg F

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Meg, here we cross paths again! I am so sorry to hear about your Icey but so glad you found this group. I know 5 years ago this whole experience with IR (& Cushing's in our case) changed how I looked at those lush grassy pastures.

You are in the best hands.
Mandy gave you great advice!
Create the case history so they can best help you, read files, ask questions.
The files are so full of information. This experience will cause you to be miles ahead of others in your knowledge of horse nutrition and care. That's the good side.
Check out the "Safe Feed" file for info on how to get the ODTB cubes here in north TX if you end up going this route versus soaked hay.
Again, you are in GOOD HANDS here.

in North Texas
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